T5 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

T5 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

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  T5 motors run hot! Controlling under hood temps has always been high priority here. This is a great solution for that. 

  The specific spacer is designed for the B204 and B234 cylinder heads. It’s a perfect match to the cylinder and and provides a perfect platform to start and port matching project. 

  Phenolic is a fantastic thermal barrier, slowing down and even preventing heat soak migration from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. 

  One of our goals is providing the best parts we can at the best prices. This gasket will be introduced at a lower cost compared with other vehicle platforms, often times costing nearly $100. The prices will change over time so order soon while introductory prices are still in place. 


NOTE:  The spacer alone won’t provide sealing the same way that a gasket will.
•Material thickness is .250” (6.35mm) 
•2oz Indian Head Gasket Shellac available. 

  The best method for installation is to use a “permanent” gasket maker like Indian Head Gasket Shellac on the manifold side of the spacer.
  It’s best practice to shellac on manifold side, install the spacer and manifold onto the motor with no gasket between the head and spacer. Let the shellac setup completely. Then remove the manifold and inspect the spacer and manifold for any port-matching that may be needed.
  The final step would be to install the manifold with spacer and an OE style intake manifold gasket between the spacer and the cylinder head.